Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Face Off Episode Two Highlights

I have been looking forward to this WaterWorld makeup episode for probably months, since I saw the first preview for Face Off Season Two. Season Two of the makeup artist competition featured only one spotlight makeup challenge that was well worthy of the focus. The makeup artists were split up into 6 teams of two, with the exception of Brea who got to pick a team and make a team of three.

The teams took some time to check out fish and aquatic animals at an aquarium to pick one animal to replicate on their model. The real kicker is that their models will be completely submerged under water in a tank in front of the judges for the evaluation. That means that the makeup, prosthetics, and costume pieces all have to withstand being underwater! The results really were amazing and worth the hype and the wait!

I really loved the LionFish character that was created by Athena and Heather, but you have got to hand it to the winners were Matt and Tara's iridescent, flowy lyretail basslet fish. I had high hopes for the two teams that were both making dragonfish makeup characters, one of my favorite sea creatures. Here are some pics from the Face Off website:

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