Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Face Off TV Show on SyFy Highlights Special Effects Makeup

We are so excited about season 2 of the makeup competition show Face Off premiering tonight on SyFy. It showcases the type of makeup that we carry and the amazing things that can be done with makeup in the hands of skilled and amazingly talented makeup artists. The previews of the show have been really intriguing with the fascinating makeup creations that come from the imaginations of the makeup artist contestants on the show who are competing to be the last artist standing and the Face Off Season 2 winner. SyFy.com has season 1 episodes available to watch and catch up on as well as previews and images of some of the great transformation of people into living art.

Stay tuned to the StageAndTheaterMakeup.com Blog as we will highlight the types of makeup and makeup techniques used in each episode.

Want to try to re-create the Face Off makeup special effects? We will show you what you need to do that, as far as matching the skills of the talented contestants? That part, is up to you!

Here are some pics from SyFy.com/FaceOff which are the best looks from Season 1 of Face Off:

Sam and Tate's crab-like alien from Episode 3.

Conor's Frog Prince from the final Spotlight Challenge featured creative design like a breathing bladder for the neck.

Tate's unique housewife zombie.

Sam and Marcel's beetle-human hybrid.

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