Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Face off Episode Three Highlights

Episode Three of Face Off is entitled 'Rock Your Body'. There are two makeup challenges in this episode, a foundation challenge - which is a tag team challenge with teams of 3 and then the Spotlight Challenge, where teams were paired up and had to body paint models to blend into a background image.

The foundation challenge was an interesting look at team work and the skills of picking up a theme quickly and completing it. Each team had a model with special effects contact lenses that were to be the motivation for the full face makeup. Each team only had one member able to see the model at a time. So it was up to the first team member on each team to start a clear path to their vision and then each consecutive member to come in and continue and then finish the same look. Beki and her team won for their vision and execution of their Alien makeup and prosthetics.

For the spotlight challenge, it was very artistically driven as each team received a backdrop to work with and two models - one had to be camouflaged into the backdrop and the other incorporated into the picture. Guest judge is hip hop artist Asher Roth and the winner will be chosen as his new album cover.

Each of the teams come up with amazing album covers and do their best to fit into a theme for Asher Roth's new album. Brea and Matt run into a huge road block when Brea's model gets sick and passes out with only minutes left in the competition. She is allowed to get a new model and an additional 6 hours to complete it, but means that she had to pull double duty and finish by herself.

Her hard work ends up paying off as their team wins the challenge with their amazing sneaker mural!

We have the type of makeup to do these types of things and this type of artwork. Add your own talent!

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